Lorenza Gandaglia Bags

The Lorenza Gandaglia handbag collection began in the mid-nineties with a small back pack. Lorenza, being one of four sisters from a family in northern Italy, learned the art of crochet from her grandmother. First inspiration when very young start to hand made little purses for herself and all the sisters. Crochet, a traditional Italian technique, has been handed down from generation to generation. It is believed to be an artful yet practical technique evolved from net making that fisherman developed centuries ago. Interestingly it became common to copy lace during the last century. The bags are entirely hand crocheted in Florence, Italy, by extremely skilled artisans that are loyal to her and to Lorenza bags. Lorenza find this niche of women that traditionally crochet, their trousseau once, and now Lorenza bags. Truly Lorenza Gandaglia are considered couture bags by all definitions due to the handmade uniqueness. Craftsmanship and innovation is shown in every collection. Lorenza works constantly on texture, colors and stitch patterns Lorenza created a unique production chain. Artisans, starting from the yarn, create exclusively for her, to the crochet technique, up to the final touch. There is no one bag exactly as the other one, their particular nature being handmade make them one of the kind.


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“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak”
Lorenza Gandaglia


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